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Fundraiser Box

Used by schools, businesses, carnivals and other events, the fundraiser box is the perfect solution to empty bottles and cans. Placed in convenient locations, these fundraiser boxes are a perfect solution. Helps keep areas clean and add a little cash to the kitty all at the same time. 

Standard Box

At Boxes Unlimited we have the machine capability to make any size corrugate container. From a 4 inch cube to boxes which come 8 feet in length, 4 inches wide and 3 inched in depth. You tell us what size you need and what you want the box to do and we will guide you to the right size, style and strength.

Trays & Carrier Flats

We carry many different styles and sizes of open trays and carrier flats. Ideal for food environments along with use as parts trays, for assembly, delivery of products, and storage of ongoing projects. Made from a sturdy C-Flute or B-Flute corrugate, you can choose from white or Kraft. They ship flat in bundles of 25 and are very easy tuck & fold assembly. Organize your home, office or plant with these stackable carriers. 

Specialty Box

At Boxes Unlimited, we have paid special attention to the "Specialty Box" market. A few popular and unique specialty boxes include but aren't limited to:

  • Registration Box

  • Portfolio Box

  • Bird House Box

  • Trivet Box

Pizza Boxes

Our pizza boxes are pretty much standard to the food industry—but can be used for so much more! The pizza style box is also used as an information or parts mailer and is widely used by the specialty food industry, like Cookies. We offer a 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch and 16 inch sizes. Choose from sturdy B or C Flute corrugate, and in white or Kraft. All boxes come in 2" depth and are very easy to assemble. Pizza boxes are received by the customer flat in bundles of 25 or 50. We also provide protective circles that fit each box which adds protection and extends the life of the box. 

Cremation Boxes

After two years of research, BU put the steel rule dies in place, consulted the experts, and developed one of the newest, biggest, and toughest Cremation Containers in the industry. 

More information can be found here.

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Die Cut Boxes

Many, many sizes of a “Tuck and Fold” style box are available for your product. You, too, can have your “Signature Box” for your product. Average cost of a small steel rule die runs approximately from $100.00 to $300.00 dollars. We store your steel rule flatbed die for free and have no set-up fee or minimum run requirement. If your product is able to fit into one of our many company owned dies, then you can save on die costs. 

These custom boxes are very strong and attractive. We can ship these boxes on their own, or place them into a master pack for multiple shipments. A perfect fit can showcase your product as well as save on shipping costs. 

Mailer Boxes

Mailers are the new fad and we're here to help! We have many sizes available for packets, books or printed information. If you need to provide information or material to your customer this mailer makes for a safe, attractive, and efficient way to get them the information. Mailers are made to fit anything you're selling from clothes, puppy toys, shoes, etc... These are sturdy tuck and fold style mailer, which comes in Kraft or White. Generally sold in bundles of 25 or 50 and can ship within two days. 

All sizes are a die cut, tuck & fold style. These have an attached top that tucks into the front for easy and secure closing. 


Chipboard Boxes

We carry a full line of chipboard boxes. These boxes are used widely as candy, jewelry, wedding favor, or small parts boxes. White in color the boxes are very attractive and easy to fold. They ship flat and in any quantity. Our most popular size is a 3"x2"x3" used by many weddings as a take home gift box of candy. 

Meat Boxes

A meat box is generally used when you need a shallow box with an attached top which would tuck in the front. These come to the customer flat and need to be stapled into the box form. Any size is available and either white or Kraft. Used by many meat lockers, grocery stores or manufacturers who have add shape packaging needs. Although we sell individual units, we generally band these in units of 25 or 50. 

5 Panel Folder

This product generally is used for longer thinner items. When you want flexibility in the length, yet uniform width and depth, try a five panel folder. Imagine placing your item on a flat scored sheet of corrugate and then fold, fold, fold. Tape your seam and you are ready to close up the ends or cut them to the length you desire. Made from a sturdy single wall corrugate, and Kraft in color. These units deliver flat to the customer in bundles of 25. Smaller quantity orders welcome. Folders can run from shorter lengths to as long as 104". 

Pads, Inserts and Dividers

Used for added protection by separating parts thus reducing damage to electronics, glassware, books or art work. They come in any shape or size you need. Made from single, double or triple wall corrugate they are also available in other materials such as foam, cork, lexon, or coraplast. Whether you need circles, squares or rectangles, we carry both white and Kraft. They deliver flat to the customer and are bundled in 25 or 50 units. Used by many manufacturers and eBayer's to protect and separate multiple parts when packaging. Why not do it right from the start. Save time and money by using pads, inserts and dividers. 

Pet Cremation Containers

Whether preparing for cremation or burial we have the right corrugate animal container for you. Four unique sizes are available for all animal weights. This very attractive container has an attached top with tuck in front ear for a secure closure. Made from sturdy, 32 ECT Kraft corrugate for strength and security. Multiple inserts are also available for larger animals. Single units are available for sale. The containers are shipped flat and quantity discounts are available. This product is earth friendly and biodegradable. 


  • x-small--10x8x6 fits up to 6 pounds

  • small—15x11x6 fits up to 15 pounds

  • medium—21x21x10 fits up to 60 pounds

  • large—27x27x10 fits up to 100 pounds

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