If you need help with any of the choices on the form located on the left please check out the Boxes University menu at the top of the page.

Boxes Unlimited prides itself in giving the customer exactly what they want. We can quote one custom box to thousands. Once we receive your request we will return the quote by phone, email or fax. We do, however, request that all orders come in a form we can print and place a hard copy in your file, for future reference. Our policy is "What's in teh Box is your Business, Protecting it is ours".

The more information we have as to 1) what it is, 2) what it weighs, 3) how many items you want to pack and 4) where and how it will be shipped, only helps us determine the correct box style for your product.



We can provide a sample of a requested box to check for style match and sizing accuracy. We have a small "sample charge" for that service; however, we waive that fee when you place an order for that box.


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