Trying to figure out what thickness or strength you need? No problem. This chart should help but if it doesn't feel free to contact us for more information.

A) Coroplast

B) Chip Board

C) e-Flute

D) b-Flute

E) c-Flute (standard)

F) Double Wall (c&b Flute)

G) Triple Wall

Cardboard boxes (Corrugated Fiberboard) are rated by an industry standard known as the ECT (Edge Crush Test). This indicates the pounds per square inch the board standing on edge can withstand. A standard moving box has a rating of 32 pounds per square inch before crushing, therefore would have a 32 ECT rating.

Ratings You Can Choose

  • No Test - really light

  • 26 ECT - light

  • 32 ECT - standard

  • 44 ECT - Strong

  • Double Wall

  • Triple Wall

What Thickness and strength do i need?

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